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Eminem ft. Skylar Grey - Asshole

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[Verse 1]
Came to the world at a time when it was in need
of a villain
An asshole, that role; think I succeed in fulfilling
But don't think I ever stopped to think that I was
speaking to children
Everything was happening so fast
It was like I blinked -- sold three million
Then it all went blank, all I remember
Is feeling ridiculous cause I was getting sick
Of this feeling like I am always under attack man
I could have stacked my shit list to the ceiling
Women dish him but really thinking
If anyone ever talks to one of my little girls like
this I would kill him
Guess I'm a little bit of a hypocrite
When I'm rippin' shit
But since when did this many people ever give a
What I had to say, it's just my opinion
If it contradicts how I'm living, put a dick in your
rear end
That's why every time you mention a lyric, I
thank you for it
For drawin' more attention toward it
Cause it gave me an enormous platform
I'm flattered you thought I was that important
But you can't ignore the fact that I fought for the
And battle for it, mad awards, had GLAAD
Attaboy, they told me to slow down, and I just
zone out
Good luck trying to convince a blonde
That's like telling Gwen Stefan' that she sold out
Cause I was tryna leave, No Doubt
In anyone's mind one day I'd go down
In history think they know now because

[Hook: Skylar Grey]

Everybody knows that you're just an asshole
Everywhere that you go, people wanna go, "oh
everyone knows"
Everybody knows, so don't pretend to be nice
There's no place you can hide
You are just an asshole
Everyone knows, everyone knows

Thanks for the support, asshole *scratch*
Thanks for the support, asshole

[Verse 2]

Quit actin' salty
I was countin' on you to count me out
Ask Asher Roth when he round-a-bout dissed
me to shout me out
Thought I was history
But goddamn honkey, that compliment's like
backhanding a donkey
Good way to get your ass socked in the mouth
Lay 'em off it, but what the fuck is all this thrash
talking about
The fight was fixed, I'm back and you can't stop
You knock me down, I went down for the count
I fell but the fans caught me, and now
You're gonna have to beat the fuckin' pants off
To take my belt, word to Pacquiao
Momma said there ain't nothin' else to talk about
Better go in that ring and knock em out
Or you better not come out!
It's poetry in motion, like Freddie Roach
When he's quoting Shakespeare
So what if the insults are revolting
Even Helen Keller knows life stinks
You think it's a joke til you're bullet riddled
But you should give little shit what I think
This whole world is a mess
Gotta have a goddamn vest on your chest, and a
Just to go out watch Batman
Who needs a test of testicles, not that man
Half of you don't got the guts and intestinal
Rest of you got lap bands stuck to this model
Before they put bath salts and all those water
bottles in Colorado
So get lost, Waldo
My soul's escaping through this asshole that is
A black hole that I'm swallowing this track whole
Better pack toilet paper, but I'm not taking no
crap, ho
Here I go down the Bat pole
And I'm changing back into that old maniac in
fact there it go
Trying to dip through the back door retreating
cause everybody knows


[Verse 3]
Holy mackerel, I'm the biggest jerk on the planet
I'll smack a girl off the mechanical bull at a tractor
Thinkin' we have some magnetic pull
Cause you're attractive, but we ain't attractable
Hate to be dramatical, but I'm not romantical
I'm makin' up words you can understandable, It's
Thinking some magical shit's gonna happen?
That ain't practical
You cracking a joke, it's laughable
Cause me and love's like a bad combination
I keep them feelings locked in a vault
So it's safe to say I'm uncrackable
My heart is truly guarded, full body armor
Bitch, you just need a helmet
Cause if you think you're special, you're retarded
Thinkin' you're one of a kind, like you got some
platinum vagina
You're a train wreck, I got a one-track mind
Shorty you're fine but you sort of remind me of a
Cause you been a gold digger since you was a
Been tryna, hunt me down like a dog, cause
you're on my ass
But you can't get a scent cause all of my spare
time is spent
With my nose in this binder, so don't bother
Only women that I love are my daughters
But sometimes I rhyme and it sounds
Like I forget I'm a father, and I push it farther
So father forgive me if I forget to draw the line
It's apparent I shouldn't have been a parent
I'll never grow up, so to hell with your parents
And motherfucking father time
It ain't never gonna stop
A pessimist who transforms to an optimist in his
So even if I'm half dead, I'm half alive
Throw all my half empty glass in a cup, so now
my cup has runneth over
And I'm bout to set it on you like a motherfucking
I’m going back to what got me here
Yeah cocky, and can’t knock being rude off
So fear not my dear, and dry up your teardrops
I'm here
White America's mirror, so don't feel awkward
and weird if
You stare at me and see yourself, because you're
one too
You shouldn't be as shocked, because